Foss an Industry Leader in Safety and Compliance, Coast Guard Admiral Says

RICHMOND, CA, November 29, 2010 – Foss Maritime is an industry leader in safety and compliance, U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral J.R. Castillo said after the company’s San Francisco Bay Area-based tug group became the first to complete voluntary examinations for all of the vessels in its Northern California group. Company officials say the rest of Foss’ fleet will soon pass the voluntary exam, which the Coast Guard and federal government consider a bridge to mandatory towing vessel regulations in the future. Rear Admiral J.R. Castillo, who commands the Coast Guard’s 11th District, lauded Foss personnel in a letter to Regional Operations Manager Bob Gregory: “The success you have achieved is due in no small part to the investment Foss Maritime has made in safety management . . . This is an impressive accomplishment for (the company) and will certainly pay dividends as forthcoming towing vessel inspection regulations are enacted. “I know your crews and customers will be well served by Foss Maritime’s commitment to towing vessel safety,” the admiral wrote. Gary Faber, President and COO of Seattle-based Foss, said the admiral’s letter underscores both the company’s commitment to safety and its willingness to partner with regulators in the ongoing development of new maritime rules and regulations. “At Foss we innovate,” Faber said. “We firmly believe by working with the Coast Guard on these voluntary towing vessel examinations we will better position our company – and the maritime industry as whole – when new regulations are mandated. This is important work. As the admiral said in his letter, it will benefit our crews and customers today and in the future.”
The Richmond, CA-based northern California group was the first in the nation to complete the voluntary towing safety examinations. Captain Igor Loch, Foss Maritime’s director of marine assurance, said all of the company’s regional operations are participating in the voluntary effort and that 36 tugs nationwide have passed. Completion is pending for two others. Loch called Coast Guard recognition of Foss’ corporate commitment to safety – both in terms of investment and training – especially gratifying in today’s maritime environment. Admiral Castillo wrote, “The teamwork between management and crew is clearly evident to my towing vessel examiners. Foss Maritime’s willingness to work closely with the Coast Guard has made it a pleasure for our personnel to visit your vessels and interact with your professional crews.” Loch said, “This is a notable achievement to receive such recognition.”
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