ERMA FIRST receives USCG type approval for BWTS

Approved 01

(OSLO, Norway) — On Wednesday, ERMA FIRST became the first full-flow electrolysis ballast water treatment system (BWTS) vendor to received U.S. Coast Guard type approval. Following a long testing regime, ERMA FIRST successfully concluded its tests at the end of 2016.

Throughout the type approval process, ERMA FIRST BWTS Fit performed in a variety of challenging marine environments, in three different water salinities. The system has been designed, developed and engineered to undergo the most rigorous testing and ensure reliable operation in challenging natural water conditions.

ERMA FIRST BWTS Fit is an advanced modular system developed to exceed all special installation requirements for newbuilds or any retrofit projects. Covering an extensive capacity range of 50 to 3,740 cubic meters per hour, ERMA FIRST BWTS Fit is suitable for all types and sizes of vessels. The major components of the system are a high-end backwash filter and an electrolytic cell. The self-cleaning automatic screen filter has a nominal filtration rate of 40 microns. For the deballasting of the vessel there is no need to use the system; it is completely bypassed and the water can be discharged directly overboard, after neutralization where applicable, with considerable gains in energy savings for the operators and managers of the vessel. Using an active substance that is produced by the method of electrolysis, any danger for regrowth of microorganisms is eliminated.

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By Professional Mariner Staff