Eight New NMSAC Appointees

With little fanfare (actually none at all), the Secretary of Homeland Security has appointed eight individuals to serve on the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee (NMSAC), bringing the Committee to its full complement for the first time in quite a while.  I find it surprising that the USCG didn’t find these appointments worthy of a news release, such as the one issued in the early days of NMSAC.  The only reason to know that appointments had been made was that on online trade publication carried a story about one of the appointments, evidently based on a press release by that appointee’s employer.  The absence of official acknowledgement could give the uninitiated idea that the Coast Guard now values the Committee less than it used to.  In any event the new NMSAC members are:

Ralph Coglientino, President of Port Security Services, Inc., which provides maritime security services around Long Island Sound and a member of the Long Island Sound Area Maritime Security Committee since 2002.

John Crowley, Senior Vice President for Law and Regulatory Policy with AP Moeller Terminals Americas and a retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral.

John Fetterman, Law Enforcement Director for the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and a retired Maine Marine Patrol Major.

Thomas Hardison, Director of Operation and Facility Security Officer for the Portland Pipeline Corporation, which operates a tanker unloading facility, two tank farms, and a system of pump stations and crude oil pipelines Maine to Quebec.

Robert Hill, Company Security Officer for the North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division.

Richard Hughes, immediate past president of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), AFL-CIO. 

Larry Laverriere, Director of Terminal Operations for Sprague Energy, an independent energy wholesaler operating facilities in the Northeast that handle a wide range of petroleum, dry bulk and break bulk products.

Paul Londynski, Vice President of Safety, Quality, and Environmental Affairs and Chief Security Officer for Matson, Inc., the principal carrier of containerized freight and automobiles between the U.S. Pacific Coast and Hawaii, Guam, and Micronesia, as well as a provider of service from and to China and the operator of numerous terminal facilities.

Laurie Thomas, Maritime Security Coordinator for University of Findlay All-Hazards Training Center, designer and presenter of multiple maritime security training programs, and the author of the well-regarded blog, Maritime Security/MTSA News.

Mr. Gregory Tylawski, a Master Mariner and Pilot for the San Francisco Bar Pilots, which serve vessels that traverse the San Francisco Bay, adjacent bays and tributaries, and Monterey Bay.

There are indications that some of these individuals were given two-year terms, while others were appointed for three years.  I know that Major Fetterman and Ms. Thomas received three-year terms, but have no clue on any of the others.

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By Professional Mariner Staff