Danelec offering full line of conversion kits for VDR retrofits

(BIRKEROED, Denmark) — Danelec Marine is now offering a comprehensive range of conversion kits to facilitate replacement of existing shipboard voyage data recorders (VDRs). The company has created packages to replace more than 30 different models of VDRs and simplified VDRs (S-VDRs) across all major existing and legacy brands, making it easy and less costly for shipowners to upgrade to the new technology.

“Many ships are still equipped with VDRs and S-VDRs that were installed more than 10 years ago to meet the initial IMO carriage requirements,” said Danelec Marine CEO Hans Ottosen. “These systems are nearing or beyond their projected service life, and some are no longer in production or supported by their original manufacturers. We have developed a set of hardware, software and data interfaces that substantially reduce the time and cost of replacement by retaining the existing cable runs and mounting hardware.”

Danelec Marine’s mechanical conversion kits consist of pre-drilled universal adaptor plates and mounting brackets for all system components, including the VDR main unit, memory capsule and bridge microphones.

The Danelec remote data interface (RDI) units are available for serial, analog and digital connections. Existing cable runs can be re-used, and installed sensor interface units can be either re-used or upgraded to Danelec’s new boxes. The RDIs are designed with Danelec’s exclusive SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology architecture for fast and easy replacement when servicing the system, in accordance with Danelec’s companywide strategy of creating integrated product/service solutions. Danelec Marine also provides a free software tool for conversion of old configuration files.

“The conversion kits make it feasible for a shipowner to standardize VDR installations across the fleet, reducing the expense of installing and maintaining products from different suppliers,” said Ottosen. “This also provides a built-in upgrade pathway for shipowners to initiate fleetwide retrieval of data from ship systems and sensors using Danelec’s convenient VDR remote access platform.”

Danelec Marine will show the new VDR/S-VDR conversion kits, along with its other new products and solutions in Hall B6 Stand 529 at the SMM maritime exhibition in Hamburg, Sept. 6-9.

For more information, visit www.danelec-marine.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff