Danelec Marine offering free ECDIS upgrades

(BIRKEROED, Denmark) — Danelec Marine has launched a program to provide free upgrades of shipboard electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) to the latest technology meeting new ECDIS standards.  

The Danish marine electronics company is currently replacing the first-generation Danelec DM800 ECDIS products with new DM800 ECDIS G2 hardware and V2 software. The Danelec DM800 ECDIS G2 platform has been designed to enable the ship’s crew to upgrade to the V3 software, which will be fully compliant with the new IEC61174 Ed. 4, IHO 52 and IHO 64 standards. Danelec Marine also offers a free-of-charge update training for navigators already holding a type-specific certificate on previous versions of DM800 ECDIS.

Introduced in 2015, the Danelec DM800 ECDIS G2 incorporates a new Linux-based platform, new application software, an intuitive easy-to-learn user interface, industry-leading cartography solutions, ruggedized low-power LED display monitors and Danelec’s exclusive SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology for fast and easy shipboard service.

“We’re offering these free hardware and software upgrades to give our customers a painless transition to meet the new performance standards,” said Hans Ottosen, CEO of Danelec Marine. “All new and existing ECDIS products must be in compliance with the new IEC and IHO standards by the August 2016 deadline. There is no provision for ‘grandfathering’ installed ECDIS products already type-approved to the old standard.”

“We have already completed more than 100 ECDIS upgrades, many of them for Greek shipowners,” said Ottosen. “We are working with our worldwide distribution and service partners to make and commission the installations.”

Ottosen added that Danelec Marine is developing a full suite of crew training packages for the new DM800 ECDIS G2 platform to meet IMO requirements for type-specific crew familiarization. The training packages include online, classroom and on-board options.

“These programs are part of our comprehensive servitization strategy at Danelec Marine,” said Ottosen. “Our vision is to provide an integrated product-service offering that is unprecedented in the maritime industry. This strategy is reflected in our products, software, upgrades, warranty and service for the full product lifespan and beyond.”

For more information, visit www.danelec-marine.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff