Crowley again named one of healthiest companies in US

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — Crowley Maritime Corp. has been honored for the fifth straight year as one of the Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health, a national leader for personalized wellness solutions. Crowley is among 184 companies nationally that received the honor for employee wellness participation and health improvements.

As Crowley has emphasized wellness programs, employee health improvements continue to exceed trends among companies participating with Interactive Health. Over 1,647 Crowley employees and spouses participated in the company’s Live Well health evaluation and wellness program in 2017, representing about 80 percent of eligible participants.

Crowley employee achievement includes:

• 91 percent of members scored in the low risk range in 2016, and remained low risk in 2017;
• 81 percent of members who scored in the moderate risk range in 2016 remained or improved in that range in 2017;
• 41 percent of members with a health score in the high-risk range in 2016 improved in 2017;
• The number of tobacco users continues to decrease – 106 participants have quit since 2013.

The repeated recognition reflects that Crowley’s commitment to supporting employee wellness is a critical part of being a high-performing workplace that attracts and retains employees.

“To continue being an employer of choice, we know that it is crucial to support our employees and their families through health and wellness programs,” said Crowley’s Dave Holden, director, human resources. “Crowley employees’ embrace of healthy habits and exercise helps produce the work-life balance that makes for a better workplace, as well as healthy families. We are proud of our team’s commitment to continued improvement and for the recognition of being one of the healthiest companies in America.” 

Recipients must achieve participation rates of more than 70 percent and a low-risk health score for their total population, based on rigorous and clinically sound health evaluations, and must offer strategic and flexible wellness initiatives. 

Crowley provides employees on-site health evaluations and risk assessments each year through Interactive Health, as well as flu shots, health coaching programs, weight management tools, emotional well-being education and gym reimbursement programs. This tailored approach helps employees evaluate their health, identify risks and then follow a personalized course of action to maintain and improve their health.

Crowley also supports a website dedicated to promoting company-wide wellness activities, including health and nutritional challenges. In addition to providing a monthly newsletter with wellness advice, Crowley’s website offers a health library and support for different dimensions of well-being.

As part of its wellness program, Crowley has supported regular weekly group fitness activities, such as running and walking groups, bike riding events and community sports opportunities, including soccer, flag football, softball and tennis.

By Professional Mariner Staff