Credential renewal process praised

Greetings. Regarding your invitation for me to comment on my MMC renewal…
I began the renewal process very late, unfortunately, due to a relocation from New England to Miami. I had previously renewed with the Boston REC and had been very satisfied with them and their level of service. This time I needed to find (1) a new physician capable of doing my physical exam, (2) a new place to take the one day 100GT refresher class, as I had misplaced my sea time records in the course of the move, (3) a new TSA office as my TWIC was expiring with my Master’s License (just a 100 GT, power, sail and towing) and (4) a new REC since Boston was out of the question.
I had been told by certain colleagues that I MUST steer clear of the Miami REC and TSA office and use the Fort Lauderdale TSA office and renew via mail. However, I had the good fortune to be able to use my wife’s health coverage and complete the physical exam on less than 2 weeks’ notice, schedule the MMC refresher course and exam on 6 weeks lead time, make the TWIC renewal initial appointment for the next day following my Internet request (in the Miami office near the airport…I also picked it up 6 days later) and scheduled a meeting at the Miami downtown REC with a wonderful employee who certified on the spot that all my papers were in order, that done on 5 days lead time. Then the anxiety set in, as I had only a few weeks left on my license, but within 48 hours I received my first email from you and literally within 2 weeks I was notified that my new License was in the mail , and I received it 3 days later. I was notified every step along the way via email as my application progressed through the system.
You have managed to clean up a very cumbersome system and I want to say that I am very satisfied with my dealings with the USCG, the TSA and also with Sea School, of course. Granted, I am in excellent health and was meticulous in my preparation of the paperwork, but nonetheless I would give you all an “A+” for your work. Thank you very much.
Steve Blunden.
Stephen J. Blunden
By Professional Mariner Staff