Conrad Industries wins Texas ferry contract

(GALVESTON, TX — August 30, 2007) The Texas Department of Transportation awarded Conrad Industries a contract for the construction of a 264-foot passenger/vehicle ferry scheduled for delivery during 2009 with a contract price of $22.5 million. The ferry will transport up to 70 cars and work the Galveston terminal.

The Puerto Rico and Municipal Islands Maritime Transportation Authority has executed a contract for a dry dock inspection and general repairs to Motor Vessel Culebra II, a 500 passenger, 150 foot aluminum hull.

Additionally, Conrad signed contracts with four different customers for the construction of 11 120 foot deck barges, two 120 foot  spud barges, a 120’x40’x7’ spud barge and two 250’x72’x12’ crane barges.

Johnny Conrad, President and CEO stated, “We are very excited to receive the award of the Texas ferry, particularly since our company has built three other ferries in the past.”

Mr. Conrad continued, “Our backlog is currently approximately $103.0 million, which is a record for our company. Bid activity continues strong and we see excellent business opportunities in both the blue water and brown water markets in both new construction and repairs.”

By Professional Mariner Staff