Compact solution for smallest mounting spaces

CENTA presents its new CENTAFLEX-M-127, a compact solution designed to accommodate even the smallest mounting spaces in motorboat and yacht applications. By reducing the outer diameter while maintaining an unvaried high performance, Centa has produced a formula that meets the demand for compact dimensioning of drive train components.

In the effort to limit the noise level aboard a boat, an elastic mounting of the engine is not the only factor. Gear and rigid coupling transmit vibrations and structure-borne noise to the hull of the vessel. Only a flexible coupling between gear and propeller shaft provides sufficient damping to effectively decrease noise levels on board. However, in most cases, the space available for replacing a rigid connection by a flexible coupling is very limited. CENTA’s newly developed CENTAFLEX-M-127 provides a compact solution especially for such applications and covers a torque range of up to 250 Nm. Due to its compact design and subsequent elimination of additional components like spacers, the flexible coupling provides the ideal component for applications with limited mounting space behind the gearbox

Relocating the fail-safe device into the inside of the coupling reduces its outer diameter by about 15 % while maintaining the same performance level.

The large volume of rubber in this torsionally flexible, zero-backlash coupling ensures smooth transmission of torque and propeller thrust. It also has another advantage: it safeguards a ship’s electronic equipment by cutting down vibrations. Since the CENTAFLEX-M-127 compensates for misalignments of all kinds, especially angular, it also reduces wear on the shaft bearing and gear box.

As with all CENTAFLEX marine couplings, the CENTAFLEX-M-127 is secured to the cylindrical propeller shaft by means of a securely dimensioned clamping hub, which eliminates time-consuming and laborious machining of the shaft. Even length adaption on site is simple. The propeller shaft diameter is not impaired by bore or keyway. Flange connection and hub adapter flange are delivered fully machined for immediate installation. The CENTAFLEX-M series is available in two stock sizes: for 40 HP (CF-M-127) and 80 HP (CF-M-160) propeller shaft speeds. Innovative CENTA couplings and drives are the designed to meet the latest technical demands and requirements.

CENTA has a 40 year history as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible couplings and drive shafts for industry and marine applications.

By Professional Mariner Staff