Coast Guard seeks mariners’ input about Seattle bridge project

(SEATTLE) — The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a public notice (PN 2-23) regarding the Washington Department of Transportation’s request to replace the Portage Bay Bridge, Bridge No. 520/3, near Lake Union. Commentary from the public related to maritime navigation is now being accepted for record.

Maritime stakeholders, such as owners and operators of proximate vessels and facilities, are highly encouraged to carefully review PN 2-23 and provide comments regarding the proposed bridge project meeting the needs of maritime navigation. This includes but is not limited to mariners’ requirements for horizontal and vertical navigation clearances, placement of bridge protective systems, bridge lighting systems and various other safety measures.

Public notice 2-23 is available here.

Comments for the record will be received at the office of the 13th District commander. Comments should be sent to arrive on or before March 24, 2023.

Mailing address:
Commander (dpw)
13th Coast Guard District
915 2nd Ave., Room 3510
Seattle, WA 98174

– U.S. Coast Guard


By Rich Miller