Chaplain in right place to bless new Crowley tug

The following is a news release from Doreen Badeaux, president of the Port Arthur International Seafarers' Center:

(PORT ARTHUR, Texas) — Many of you asked about Father Sinclair (Oubre)'s whereabouts this summer. As most of you know, he saves up his vacation time and goes back to sea as an able-bodied seafarer with the Seafarers' International Union. This year, he was able to sail with Crowley out of Lake Charles on board the Ocean Sky.

Though that doesn't sound like much of a vacation to most of us, he finds it a great way to get away and get his feet rooted back on the ground.

While he was on board, the Crowley office in Houston called. They said they were looking for Father Sinclair because they wanted him to bless a tug of theirs, and they said, "He has even sailed with us at times." I called them back and let them know that not only had he sailed with them before, but that he was currently on board the Crowley Ocean Sky.

The VP called back laughing and said, "Well how about that? That's the tug we want him to bless!"

I told him they would certainly get full service out of Father Sinclair. He had steered the vessel, cleaned toilets like everyone else, painted it, cooked for the guys on board it, and now he would bless it.

Just letting you know our local port chaplain is hard at work even in his vacation time, and representing our area very well!

By Professional Mariner Staff