CapRock Communications™ inks world’s largest offshore VSAT deal with Transocean

HOUSTON – Dec. 9, 2008 – As CapRock Communications, a global provider of satellite communications to remote locations, begins transitioning Transocean’s offshore rig fleet into its global satellite network, it marks the official beginning of the world’s largest global deployment of such services for a single drilling contractor. Benefits of the five-year deal include increased broadband communications, consistency and reliability.

“With this agreement, Transocean will receive the same reliable satellite communication service, regardless of what part of the world a rig is in or what part of the world it is moving to,†said CapRock CEO Peter Shaper. “With the same CapRock infrastructure in place on every rig, Transocean does not have to start over or re-learn a new communications system, meaning they will save time and money as they focus on doing what they do best.â€

Under the terms of the new agreement, CapRock Communications will consolidate Transocean’s different VSAT systems and services across its geographically dispersed fleet and shore base facilities into one network. This common network will support Transocean’s rigs moving seamlessly from one region to the next, providing true global mobility without the burden of changing satellite equipment or dispatching field service personnel. CapRock will leverage its strategically located teleports and regional support centers around the globe and will tap its large pool of trained global field personnel to provide worldwide service and response.

“Transocean looked for a global provider that offers a fully managed service so that they can better focus on their core business,†said Ron Wagnon CapRock VP and General Manager. “Uptime is critical for our clients. For Transocean to try to figure out where in the chain a satellite communications problem is, should it occur, is simply not an option. With CapRock managing everything from start to finish and dedicating a team specific to Transocean, we will be able to pinpoint any issues that arise and they will receive immediate attention and resolution.â€

The deal represents an expansion of the existing partnership between Transocean and CapRock Communications where CapRock has provided broadband services to Transocean’s fleet in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and certain rigs in West Africa and Brazil. With the new contract, CapRock’s VSAT connectivity will support Voice over IP (VoIP), secure access to the corporate network and Internet access.

“CapRock has worked with Transocean for more than a decade, and during that time, we have developed a thorough understanding of their business drivers and how the company continually improves,†continued Shaper. “Our unwavering commitment to reliability, our continued global expansion and our attention to their needs were key factors Transocean looked for in a single provider to serve the broadband requirements of their fleet. We are honored to have been selected for this contract, unprecedented in type and scope, and look forward to continuing to provide services that Transocean can count on day in and day out.â€

By Professional Mariner Staff