Boatracs Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership with Maritime Compliance International to Provide Subchapter M Compliance Solution

San Diego, California, November 28, 2012 – Boatracs, Inc. a business of the Orolia Group (NYSE Alternext Paris – FR0010501015 – ALORO) and leader in providing integrated satellite communications and software solutions to the maritime industry, announced today that it has formed an exclusive strategic partnership with a leading maritime compliance consulting firm, Maritime Compliance International, LLC. The two companies are collaborating in the development of a new electronic forms software product designed specifically for compliance management of the upcoming Coast Guard 46 CFR Subchapter "M" regulation.

The new product is based on Boatracs' industry leading electronic forms platform, Boatracs BTForms.  BTForms is currently in use on almost 200 vessels to simplify the process of collecting accurate vessel data for dispatch, Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), maintenance and management.  Boatracs is working with Kevin Gilheany, owner of Maritime Compliance International and a recognized industry expert in maritime regulatory compliance, to develop a Subchapter M compliance product that is easy to use and affordable. The collaboration is a perfect marriage of Boatracs’ expertise in developing reliable, simple and cost effective software solutions for the maritime industry with the domain expertise of Maritime Compliance International in the area of compliance.

"Subchapter M, with all of its grandfathering, exceptions and other applicability specifications, is the most complex regulation ever produced by the U.S. Coast Guard," said Gilheany, a Coast Guard retiree himself.  "The biggest challenge is to determine exactly what is required for each individual vessel in a fleet.  I have greatly simplified this process for vessel owners and operators by using a list of questions to determine the optimum level of compliance. Whether an operator chooses inspection by Coast Guard or a third party auditor, this product is designed to make complying with Subchapter M manageable for any size fleet."

Boatracs is utilizing the expertise of Maritime Compliance International and building a forms-based software product that is installed on an on-board PC.  Based on certain input information, the product will automatically generate a vessel survey checklist and all of the corresponding forms required to meet the regulations for that particular vessel.  The product will also include alerts for required dates to provide reminders of upcoming requirements. Completed forms can be stored on the on-board PC, printed, and the data transmitted to shore where an identical form will be accessible from any PC, tablet or smart phone through a web-based user interface.  

"Our customers are deeply concerned about the complexity of the Subchapter M regulation," said Irwin Rodrigues, President and CEO of Boatracs.  “We believe our approach of providing simple and affordable solutions is well-suited to help Workboat companies meet the challenges of this regulation. We are excited to be working with Kevin Gilheany as both of our companies recognize the significant impact Subchapter M will have on the industry, and the critical need to provide a solution that is specific to each vessel, user friendly for Captains, and provides fleet-wide compliance. Together we are bringing a compliance alternative to workboat companies that makes Subchapter M very manageable and cost effective, so that every owner can have the peace of mind of knowing they are ready.”

Boatracs will be giving live demonstrations of a software prototype in Booth #1226 at the International Workboat Show 2012 in New Orleans from December 5 – 7, 2012. The commercial product will be launched at the end of the first quarter of 2013.  

“The enforcement date for Subchapter M is not final yet and could be announced at any time,” says Gilheany. “We want to help companies get ahead of the regulation to improve their business by minimizing the burdens and pitfalls associated with complex rules and regulations, which I have seen lead to financial penalties.   The maritime operators that incorporate Subchapter M into their day to day routine now are going to have a distinct advantage over the rest of the market.”


About Boatracs
Boatracs is the leading provider of integrated satellite communications and software solutions for the commercial maritime industry.  Since 1990 Boatracs has been providing customers the industry’s most proven, reliable, and simple solutions on the market.  Boatracs now offers multiple communications solutions ranging from its core Qualcomm OmniTRACS product line to newer multi-mode broadband and voice capabilities, all powered by Boatracs’ web-based messaging and mapping software to provide access to fleet-wide data from anywhere on any device.  Today Boatracs delivers products, services and 24/7/365 live customer support to offshore, inland, commercial fishing and government markets – increasing operating efficiencies for thousands of vessels across North America. The company became a part of the Orolia Group of businesses in July 2012 and has offices in California and Louisiana. For more information, please visit:
About Maritime Compliance International
Maritime Compliance International, LLC is dedicated to working with maritime companies who want to improve their business by minimizing the burdens and pitfalls associated with complex rules and regulations, which can often lead to financial penalties. Uniquely qualified in domestic and international maritime safety, security management and compliance, the professionals at Maritime Compliance International bring extensive experience in regulatory compliance to help marine operators come into compliance at the least expense and operational change. The company offers audits, assessments, plans and training with the goal of implementing programs which represent the “optimum level of compliance” for each customer. The results are fewer regulatory problems and penalties over the long-term. The company is based in New Orleans. For more information, please visit:
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