BIMCO CEO Angus Frew extends contract five years

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(LONDON) — BIMCO's secretary-general and CEO, Angus Frew, will extend his contract to the end of 2022. His top priority in 2018 will be environmental legislation. Over the past four years, Frew has been instrumental in modernizing BIMCO and in increasing its member focus. 

"Right now, is a very interesting time for shipping, and I am very happy to be offered the opportunity to extend my contract. I can continue to lead an organization that has the practical expertise and the scope to make a real difference on crucial industry issues, for example, the current environmental discussions and the establishing of a greenhouse gas strategy and objectives for the shipping industry," Frew said. 

BIMCO is the world's largest international shipping association and is best known for drafting standard contracts for the maritime industry. Today, the organization also works on policy issues for its members, has a hotline for contractual advice, publishes technical guides and market analysis, in addition to providing training in a variety of maritime topics. 

BIMCO's Executive Committee decided to ask Frew to continue in his leadership role for another five years at their November 2017 meeting. 

"Angus has been a strong and able secretary-general. He is hard-working and has driven BIMCO in the right direction, with more focus on value for our members. I'm very happy that BIMCO has secured his continued service," said BIMCO President Anastasios Papagiannopoulos. 

Frew's main priorities for the coming years will be the industry's environmental policy, adding value for BIMCO members and ensuring that the industry speaks with a clear and united voice.

Zero emissions are long-term goal

BIMCO's aim is to make sure the industry retains a level playing field, and that practical hurdles are removed for shipowners, so they can comply with new environmental legislation. 

"The most important thing on BIMCO's agenda is the environment. We have the implementation of the 2020 sulfur cap to contend with, and we want a clear strategy and reduction objectives on carbon emissions. Being proactive in these environmental discussions is the only way to make sure that we, as an industry, are regulated in a way that makes practical sense," Frew said. 

He has a positive view of the industry's environmental efforts to date, and believes the industry's emissions peaked in 2008, but sees zero carbon emissions as the only viable long-term goal for shipowners.

Frew was appointed secretary-general and CEO of BIMCO in September 2013. He is also a director on the board of Global Ship Lease Inc. and a former chief executive of the U.K. Chamber of Shipping. 

By Professional Mariner Staff