Beier Radio Introduces Remote Diagnostic Service

Beier Radio has launched a new Remote Diagnostic Service for all Beier brand products regardless of age, including the company’s IVCS 2000 Integrated Vessel Control System and IVMS 2000 Integrated Vessel Management System.

The Remote Diagnostic Service is designed to dramatically reduce vessel downtime and maintenance expenses by enabling Beier staff to troubleshoot all Beier products in service around the globe from the company’s headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The end result is better planning and significant cost savings for vessel owners.

With this new support service, Beier Radio will be able to access vessel computers to diagnose any problems with Beier’s electronic systems and advise the owner on the least expensive option to solve the problem. In many cases, this will eliminate the cost of a service technician’s visit, or significantly reduce the duration of a service call if that becomes necessary.

The Beier Remote Diagnostic Service is inexpensive and easy to install on any vessel. The service requires the vessel to have a minimum cellular telephone service with internet access or Fleet Broadband 250 service.

Beier Radio specializes in Systems Integration and Project Management for new construction projects, and manufactures the highly successful IVCS2000 Integrated Vessel Control System and IVMS2000 Integrated Vessel Management System. Beier Radio has been serving the offshore industry since 1945.

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By Professional Mariner Staff