Barge refloated after four days on N.Y. beach

The following is the text of a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard:

(NEW YORK) — The 125-foot deck barge known as Weeks Barge 236 was refloated Thursday evening at approximately 6:15 p.m. after having been grounded and stuck on shore near Atlantic Beach, N.Y.

The barge, which was being used to sandblast and paint the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge, went ashore after, according to crew members onboard the tug, a large wave separated the towline between it and the 26-foot tugboat that was towing it on Monday night. 

The owners of the barge, under Coast Guard supervision, submitted a plan and executed the salvage of the vessel by removing some equipment from the barge to lighten it, and by using excavation equipment to dig around the perimeter of the barge allowing the sea water to surround it when the tide rose in the evening. Minor repairs were also made to the hull of the barge while it was on the beach, although the damage did not appear to be caused by the vessel’s grounding earlier in the week. 

The barge was assisted off the beach by two towing vessels and towed to the Union Dry Dock in Hoboken, N.J. without incident. Coast Guard Marine Inspectors from the Marine Safety Detachment in Coram, N.Y. reported there was no pollution or damage to the environment as a result of this grounding.

“I’m pleased with the Coast Guard response to this grounding” said Coast Guard Cmdr. Amy Beach, the Officer in Charge of Marine Inspections for the Long Island Sound Captain of the Port Zone. “We worked with our local partners to ensure the mariners on board the tug and barge were safe, and then coordinated the salvage of the barge which resulted in a safe, successful operation with no negative impact to the environment.”

By Professional Mariner Staff