New eLog software OK’d for use on U.S.-flag ships

ABS-affiliated software-as-a-service company ABS Wavesight has had its eLogs software formally approved by the  U.S. Coast Guard for use by U.S.-flag ships.

The approval makes ABS Wavesight, first unveiled in 2022, one of only three maritime software providers to receive such approval on the basis of the USCG’s guidance under USCG NVIC 01-23.

NVIC 01-23 provides guidance to the owners and operators of U.S.-flag vessels who may be interested in voluntarily using MAROL electronic record books, such as the Coast Guard’s criteria for assessing, accepting, and verifying such onboard electronic records under the amendments to several technical codes. 

“The maritime industry is entering an era of rapid digitalization,” said Gurinder Singh, director of solutions engineering at ABS Wavesight. “We are proud to be at the forefront of that transformation, and the fact that our eLogs software meets all of the U.S. Coast Guard’s stringent requirements is even more evidence of our leadership position.”

A digital successor to traditional paper logbooks, eLogs software is designed “to help crew members address numerous recordkeeping challenges, from user errors to excess administrative work, security risks, and more,” according to the Houston-headquartered American Bureau of Shipping. 

In addition to featuring more than 20 logbooks, including all MARPOL-required logbooks, ABS Wavesight eLogs “aligns with IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee standards, and SOLAS and BWM Convention principles,” the ABS said. 

Throughout the approval process, ABS Wavesight worked with the Coast Guard to ensure necessary criteria had been met. The software was developed pursuant to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, the well-established standard for information security management systems to protect data from cybersecurity threats.