Army: TWIC can no longer be used to access secure systems

The following is the text of a U.S. Army notice in the Federal Register dated Dec. 10, 2012:


Department of the Army

Transportation Workers Identification
Card (TWIC) Removal for Commercial
Users To Access Electronic
Transportation Acquisition (ETA)

AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD.

ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: To implement DoD
Instruction 8520.2, dated April 1, 2004,
SDDC required all commercial accounts
accessing transportation systems and
applications to use a commercial PKI
certificate or Transportation Workers
Identification Credential (TWIC). TWIC
does not meet DOD security standards
and cannot be used as of January 29,

DATES: Effective date: January 29, 2013.

ADDRESSES: Submit comments to SDDC/
G6/IMA/ES, #1 Soldier Way, Scott AFB,
IL 62225 ATTN: ETA Program Manager.

Program Manager at
Technical questions should be
addressed to the source of certificate.

PKI office has determined that the
Transportation Workers Identification
Card (TWIC) PKI certificate cannot be
used to authenticate users for access to
DoD systems. The DoD PKI office has
not established a trust relationship with
Homeland Security/TSA. Information
on the TWIC can be found at http://
Starting January 29, 2013, TWIC
certificates cannot be accepted by ETA
to access the SDDC transportation
applications and USTRANSCOM
Defense Personal Property System
(DPS). All current TWIC holders
accessing an application within ETA
will need to purchase an External
Certificate Authority (ECA) prior to
January 29, 2013. Instructions for
purchase and implementation can be
found on the ETA home page, under
Help, PKI Information. To view all
External Approved PKI’s please refer to
the DISA interoperability Web site:
interoperability/index.html. If you have
any questions, please contact ETA
Program Manager at
References: Department of Defense
Instruction number 8520.2, April 1,
2004, 4.4 Joint Task Force-Global
Network Operations (JTF–GNO)
Communication Tasking Order (CTO)
07–015 Task 10.
Miscellaneous: DOD Instruction
8520.2 can be accessed at the following
Web site: DoD Instruction 8520.2
Judith A. Beussink,
Deputy to the Commander for G6/CIO.
[FR Doc. 2012–29693 Filed 12–7–12; 8:45 am]

By Professional Mariner Staff