AMP, SCA honor integrity, legacy of George H.W. Bush

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The following is text of news releases from the American Maritime Partnership (AMP) and Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA):

(WASHINGTON) — The American Maritime Partnership, the voice of the domestic maritime industry, on Wednesday released a statement honoring the life of President George H.W. Bush.

"When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, young George H.W. Bush knew his beloved country called for his service, and it was at sea where he became one of the military's youngest flying officers. He did more for his country by age 20 than most do in a lifetime. A man of great integrity, and an inspiration for all, President Bush will be remembered with reverence. He was forever a Navy man. He understood the importance of a strong American maritime fleet for national security, and the 500,000 men and women of American maritime are eternally grateful for his service and leadership to our great nation,” said Matt Woodruff, chairman of the American Maritime Partnership.

Matthew Paxton, president of the SCA, said, “President George H.W. Bush’s life was built on a foundation of loyalty and service to his nation. When Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese during the Second World War, George H.W. Bush was irrevocably committed to serving his country and joined the United States Navy, becoming one of the youngest flying officers. From that moment on, he recognized the importance of a strong national security and keeping the American people safe, thereby becoming a devout supporter of the American maritime industry. We are grateful for his support of the armed forces, and we thank him for his service in the Navy.

“Following George H.W. Bush’s selfless lead, at SCA, we strive to do all that we can to support the national security of the country. President Bush’s life of courage, sacrifice, and leadership will never be forgotten.”

By Professional Mariner Staff