American Cargo Transport deck barge carrying aid to Haiti

The following is the text of a press release issued by American Cargo Transport Corp. and Foss Maritime Co.:
(SEATTLE) — As recovery efforts in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake continue, tugs and barges from two Seattle-based companies are in the U.S. Gulf poised to participate in the vast international relief operation.
America Cargo Transport Corp. (ACTC), a wholly owned Foss subsidiary, and Foss Maritime Company are preparing to carry approximately 6,000 tons of food aid cargo to the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince for USAID, according to company sources. Initial efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to the stricken island nation have slowed because of severe damage to the port and transportation infrastructure in Port Au Prince.

ACTC has routinely carried food aid cargo for USAID and USDA to Port Au Prince before the earthquake and specializes in handling the complex logistics of moving high, wide and heavy cargo for private companies, governments and the military.

ACTC has well documented experience in marine transport and cargo operations during emergency situations and in difficult environments. The company was the first US Flag carrier to deliver large volume US food aid shipments for the US Government to the victims of the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami, and the first US Flag operator to enter into Umm Qasr, Iraq in 2005 after the beginning of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). ACTC still serves Iraq and just recently completed its 158th voyage into that country.

“Our first concern is for the well being of all Haitians and in assisting in the relief effort,” said John Tirpak, president of ACTC. “We know from initial reports that people are without many of the essentials – clean water, food, medicines and shelter.

“Even though facilities in Port Au Prince have suffered extensive damage, we will be able to successfully deliver supplies to help ease some of the shortage. We are committed to marshal all available resources to help assist the international relief effort.”

ACTC’s deck barge, the American Trader and the Justine Foss, a 4,000 horsepower ocean going tug, will move the needed supplies from the Gulf of Mexico to Haiti in the coming days.

Executives at both ACTC and Foss urge citizens to consider contributing money or goods to the Haitian relief effort, including such organizations as the American Red Cross or World Vision.

About America Cargo Transport
America Cargo Transport provides international cargo delivery and full-service cargo logistics. ACT serves commercial, government and military markets, delivering cargo in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, the Persian Gulf, East and West Africa. ACT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foss Maritime Company. See for more information.

About Foss Maritime Company
Founded in 1889, Seattle-based Foss Maritime offers a complete range of maritime services and project management to customers across the Pacific Rim, Europe, South America and around the globe. The company has harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports, including the Columbia and Snake River system. With one of the largest fleets of tugs and barges on the American West Coast, Foss operates two shipyards and offers worldwide marine transportation, emphasizing safety, environmental responsibility and high-quality service. See for more information.

By Professional Mariner Staff