Alfa Laval paper details effect of MARPOL fuel choices on boilers, burners

(LUND, Sweden) — Alfa Laval, a leading marine provider of boiler technology, combustion technology and solutions for environmental compliance, has released a new whitepaper that explores the impact of fuel choices for complying with MARPOL Annex VI on boiler and burner operation.

"MARPOL Annex VI Fuel Strategies and Their Influence on Combustion in Boilers” sheds light on a frequently overlooked aspect of meeting today’s SOx emission regulations. To comply with MARPOL Annex VI, shipowners and operators can install a scrubber and continue using HFO, or they can work with one or more compliant fuels: LNG, MGO or low-sulfur/ultra-low-sulfur HFO. While the boiler is generally not a part of this decision, its operation will ultimately be affected.
“Depending on the choice made, there can be many different factors to consider when it comes to boilers and burners,” said Jeroen Van Riel, global service manager, boiler service at Alfa Laval. “There may be boiler modifications needed to perform optimally with a scrubber, or there may be issues with fuel line safety and the properties of alternative fuels. New flame characteristics, for example, may produce different results with an existing boiler configuration.”
In the new whitepaper, each MARPOL Annex VI fuel strategy is examined individually, together with its potential effects on boilers and their combustion. The paper does not argue for or against any of the strategies, but rather provides a clear and neutral overview from the perspective of steam production.
Click here to download the whitepaper.

By Professional Mariner Staff