ABS offers ballast water management selection service

The following is the text of a press release issued by ABS:

(HOUSTON) — ABS, a leading provider of classification services to the maritime industry, has announced the launch of its Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) Selection Service to assist designers, shipyards, owners and operators in selecting the solution suited to the unique needs of each vessel. This service builds upon ABS' position as a leading provider of classification, regulatory and technical services related to BWMS.


"As the maritime industry continues to adjust to the regulatory landscape impacting ballast water and as new technical solutions are brought to the market, the industry is looking for a trusted advisor who understands ballast water treatment solutions available in the marketplace," says ABS Senior Vice President for Asset Performance Management Howard Fireman. "The ABS Ballast Water Management Systems Selection Service provides an in-depth analysis of available options to help owners and operators make better informed decisions when selecting their BWMS."


The ABS BWMS Selection Service is a multi-step process. This begins with the ABS Operational and Environmental Performance (OEP) team gaining an understanding of vessel design and characteristics, trading patterns and specific regulatory requirements.


This information is then matched to an extensive database of available BWMS and original manufacturer support networks, allowing ABS technical specialists to recommend systems that meet regulatory requirements and are feasible for installation in specific vessel designs. ABS also provides a comparative review of operational and maintenance considerations for each potential BWMS, allowing the vessel owners and operators to weigh all factors in selecting the solution that best suits their needs.


"Our team has spent considerable time with ballast water management system manufacturers and conducted extensive research on the design and performance of these systems. This allows us to prepare an in-depth analysis of potential options to allow owners and operators to select a system that is best suited for their vessel or fleet," says Fireman.


The BWMS Selection Service builds upon ABS' position as a leading provider of classification and regulatory compliance assistance related to the complexities of ballast water. In August, ABS released the third edition of its industry-leading Ballast Water Treatment Advisory. The updated advisory touches on many new developments impacting regional and global ballast water treatment requirements. This includes additional requirements contained within US EPA Vessel General Permitting (VGP). The Advisory is a critical part of the overall ABS BWMS Selection Service.


By Professional Mariner Staff