ABS launches new software to improve vessel efficiency

(ATHENS, Greece) — The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a leading provider of classification services to the global marine and offshore industries, has unveiled ABS Nautical Systems Vessel Performance — a comprehensive software solution developed in response to continued demand for tools that improve vessel efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate emissions reporting and compliance.

The NS Vessel Performance tool is designed to improve efficiency and control costs through the application of a ship-specific performance model and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), while also supporting environmental compliance and reporting, including the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation for CO2 emissions.

“We take an innovative approach to vessel performance and this solution delivers the industry’s most comprehensive performance management tool available,” said Stephen Schwarz, vice president and chief operating officer at ABS Nautical Systems. “By uniting all the major aspects of performance management, informed by the understanding of vessel design, our solution provides the next generation of actionable insight and decision support with custom-designed visualizations of KPIs and is backed by consultation with ABS experts at regular intervals.”

NS Vessel Performance leverages a ship-specific performance model based on vessel design characteristics. The model delivers performance predictions using sea trial data and other relevant information to establish performance baselines. Combining model output with the visualization and analysis of vessel operations data improves decision-making.  

“Eastern Mediterranean Maritime has been a client with NS for almost 20 years, and the software has been instrumental in increasing our overall efficiency,” said Nikos Kripotos, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime superintendent engineer. “Working closely with the NS team, we are able to continuously improve our processes to drive better performance. We look forward to experiencing the benefits of future innovations in NS.”

Based on the performance model and analyses of regularly captured data, KPIs are established within the tool to enable decision support ashore and on board the vessel. This results in operational profiles for fleet-wide comparison of operational efficiency, maintenance strategies and conformance to charter party requirements. Consumption and emissions calculations enable compliance to environmental regulations, including MRV, and contribute to an active ship energy efficiency management plan.

For more information, visit ww2.eagle.org.

By Professional Mariner Staff