ABB to provide comprehensive vessel services to Canadian Coast Guard


(MONTREAL) — ABB has been awarded a national individual standing offer (NISO) to provide full-scope services for equipment installed on board Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) vessels, reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime.

The NISO covers the full range of remote diagnostics and global technical support, cybersecurity, condition monitoring, spare parts, operational reviews, preventive maintenance and dry-docking services.

Full visibility on through-life service is expected to reduce overall maintenance costs, while the advance planning will maximize vessel uptime and timeliness for dry-docking.

“With far more coastline to patrol than any other coast guard, often in the harshest of conditions, the CCG is exactly the type of customer which can benefit most from including selection of services in a comprehensive package,” said Jyri Jusslin, head of service, ABB Marine & Ports. “We are honored to have been chosen to support the smooth running of vessels operated by one of the leading coast guard organizations in the world.”

Through the ABB approach, ABB is committed to be a trusted service provider – to support customer asset management and maintenance planning with continuous diagnostics, as well as annual inspections and fine-tuning services. The NISO also covers customized technical studies, onboard surveys and engineering support. The proactive approach extends to crew training, where ABB guidance can further minimize the occurrence of failures and downtime duration.

CCGS Griffon performing icebreaking operations. Canadian Coast Guard photo

ABB’s services will cover ABB technology installed on board CCG’s icebreakers, search and rescue vessels, fisheries science, ocean science and specialty ships. Among these ships are four medium icebreakers and six light icebreakers and buoy tenders.

ABB services included in the NISO were tailored to the specific needs of CCS’s vessels. ABB service agreements are applicable across a range of segments with fully customizable packages based on the critical aspects of a customers’ operations. Having all services under one agreement gives shipowners and operators the benefits of cost predictability, better planning and risk management. Regardless of vessel type or operating profile, comprehensive service agreements can increase ship uptime and lifespan, as well as improving safety, security and sustainability by optimizing operations.


By Professional Mariner Staff