A.K. Suda designs world's largest pipe-legged liftboat


The following is the text of a news release from A.K. Suda Ltd.:

(METAIRIE, La.) (Dec. 10) — A.K. Suda has successfully completed the design of a 335-foot pipe-legged liftboat. This vessel, which is the world’s largest pipe-legged liftboat, is being delivered to its owners in fourth quarter 2014. This vessel follows on the heels of the world’s largest liftboat, the Suda 450-L3T, delivered earlier this year.

According to the firm’s CEO, Ajay Suda, “Liftboats are getting larger and more sophisticated. We are at the forefront, having designed the top three largest liftboats in the world.”

This state-of-the-art vessel is a three-legged, self-propelled, self-elevating, general service liftboat, known as the Suda 335-L3P. It is ABS classed with unrestricted service, A-1, AMS, E, DPS 1 accommodation service, wind farm installation maintenance and repair certification. The hull dimensions are 194 feet by 131 feet by 16 feet. It has two leg encircling cranes of 250 tons each, with a maximum reach of 129 feet. The quarters arrangement can accommodate 160 people including crew.

With its long legs, this self-elevating unit is capable of working in water depths up to 262 feet. It also has a CAP 437 heliport, capable of supporting Sikorsky helicopter models S-61N and S-92A.

The liftboat is the first of a series of this design to be delivered. Two additional vessels based on this design are currently under construction.

There has been a large increase in demand for liftboats in recent years, with many owners and charterers not being able to wait out the time frame that it takes to have the vessels built. “Our designs have evoked a lot of interest in the Middle East and Far East. When you can get more cost-effective solutions than what has been available, why would you not be interested?” Suda said.

Suda further said, “The larger vessels of our designs like the Suda 450-L3T can easily be morphed into rigs at significantly less cost than the traditional designs. We are excited at the tremendous opportunity to usher in a new generation of jackup rigs. The industry has not seen new concepts in rig design for a long time.”

In addition to the Suda 335-L3P hulls, there is a three-truss-legged version under construction, the Suda 335-L3T. Some other new models already under construction are a 320-foot four-legged truss design (Suda 320-L4T) and a 300-foot four-legged truss design (Suda 300-L4T).

By Professional Mariner Staff