A half century later and still going strong: Markey winches built to last

(SEATTLE) — In 1956, Elvis hit the charts with Heartbreak Hotel, Eisenhower was president of the United States, the New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in seven games to win the World Series and Markey Machinery built a winch designated the TES-22.

Figure 1 TES-22 Ready for Shipment; 1956
Commissioned in 1955 by Parker Brothers and Company out of Houston Texas for the tug WAVERLY, the TES-22 was innovative for its time. The new winch was rated for 15,000 lbs. of line pull at 50 ft./min, had a port side gypsy, automatic level-wind and 25HP waterproof motor.  The drum capacity was for 1275 feet of 1 ¼” wire and it was built in the Markey tradition of “Hell for Stout.” A tradition that continues to this day.

Throughout the years, the Tug WAVERLY has been renamed numerous times, changed owners and has worked from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. More recently however, the tug has been renamed the SPECIALIST by co-owners John Magnaldi and Daryl Powell. Operating in New York Harbor for their Company New York Maritime Inc., the TES-22 is still in use today. Fifty-Eight years later, the TES-22 continues to perform its daily duties as if it were fresh off the factory floor. Owner-Operator Daryl Powell states, “We stand behind our Markey Tow Machine 100%” and calls Markey Machines the best winches “on the planet.”  However, the success of New York Maritime is not solely reliant on the winch alone. Daryl points out that the company’s success would not be possible without the “seasoned, dedicated, loyal, and hardworking boatman” of the men operating the machines, something Markey Machinery stands behind wholeheartedly. President of Markey, Blaine Dempke noted, “The fact that this winch is still operating today is testament to the men of Markey who built it. A legacy that we continue to carry forward today in the design, craftsmanship and construction of our winches.”

Figure 2 SPECIALIST Crew with the TES-22; 2014
Markey Machinery is proud to be supporting the hard working men of New York Maritime Inc. and all our customers out there getting the job done day in and day out with our machines. We have continuously produced safe and durable marine winches for the past 107 years. With hard working Americans in mind, the company builds them tough and reliable so tug operators have one less thing to worry about while on the job. Markey’s commitment to the men and women operating its machinery is unwavering and our quality of service can be seen in the number of return customers. Where will your winch be in 50 years?

By Professional Mariner Staff