Xantrex expands inverter family with new sine wave models

(BURNABY, British Columbia) — Xantrex has introduced the Freedom Xi, a new generation of advanced true sine wave inverters specifically engineered for use in all types of mobile applications.

The Freedom Xi marks the evolution of Xantrex’s best-selling XM and HF products which have been installed in over 300,000 RVs, trucks and boats in the past few years. The Freedom Xi offers many new features including clean AC power, smart battery management and quick connection terminals in a lightweight package.

With the clean AC power, technically termed as true sine wave power, customers can now operate virtually any electronics and appliances within the power range of Freedom Xi, eliminating compatibility issues associated with modified sine wave inverters. The smart battery management maximizes system performance while inhibiting excessive battery drain. The quick-connect terminals on both input and output make it easy and fast for OEM and installer partners to complete a reliable installation on counterpart Freedom HFS, which was launched in December. The Freedom HFS offers true sine wave AC output power with a built-in charger and is available in two models – 1,000 watt inverter with 55 amp charger (# 807-1055) and 2,000 watt inverter with 55 amp charger (# 807-2055).

For more information, visit www.xantrex.com and www.schneider-electric.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff