Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions unveils upgraded Maritime Protection nitrogen system

(OSLO) — Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions has re-introduced the Maritime Protection nitrogen inert gas system with significant functionality improvements designed to provide efficient performance and a longer operational life.

The primary enhancement is a unique system design with one of the smallest physical footprints in the market. In addition, it only requires service access from two sides, meaning that it can be located in a corner, allowing for flexible, space-saving installation. The system is also fitted with a fully automated control and monitoring system that protects the membranes from potential damage and costly repairs.

Stein Loevskar, commercial development manager, Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions, said: “We are very excited to re-introduce this improved version of the Maritime Protection nitrogen system. In addition to the performance enhancements, we now fully own the system design and have moved the assembly in house. This gives us better control and enables us to provide customers with a high quality and optimised solution that delivers value throughout its service life.”

Designed to protect flammable and sensitive cargo during transportation, nitrogen inert gas systems are the preferred solutions for applications where cargo contamination could be an issue.

The Maritime Protection system is designed and built in accordance with IMO SOLAS regulations and the MODU Code, and is delivered with all necessary class approval certificates.

The system is fitted with reliable and longer lasting membranes, which are specially designed for the maritime environment. These have improved resistance to high temperatures, enabling the ship to operate the inert gas system at ambient temperatures up to 55 degrees C.

To ensure optimal system performance at all times and reduce risk of failure, Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is also introducing a full range of support and service solutions, comprising various packages to fit customer needs.

By Professional Mariner Staff