WASSP – Multibeam Technology Ushers In The Future Of Seafloor Mapping

There is great news for skippers of any sport fishing, commercial fishing, or research vessel searching for a turn-key solution for gathering detailed information about the marine environment, collecting it faster than ever, and utilizing that data in more meaningful ways. Furuno and Electronic Navigation Ltd. (ENL) are proud to introduce the WASSP (Wide Angle Sonar Seafloor Profiler) Multibeam Sonar, a groundbreaking new system that allows you to simultaneously view and record bathymetry and seafloor hardness, find fish targets, and utilize true Multibeam sonar technology to discover wrecks and structures, all at very high resolution. With WASSP, you now have the ability to see more, catch more, discover more, and map more, with more confidence than ever before.
WASSP gives you the power to really see what’s below and around your boat in a way never before possible. It offers unparalleled accuracy, resolution and versatility in a cost- effective package suitable for a variety of vessels.
The system utilizes a unique combination of wide- angle, Multibeam Sonar and computer processing power to provide you with detailed information about the fishing environment with amazing resolution and clarity. The system processes 112 dynamic beams, with each beam sampling data from the water column and seafloor. From this wide, 120-degree port- starboard swath, WASSP allows you to find and georeference reefs and wrecks, fish schools, seafloor hardness changes, and foreign objects both in the water column and on the seafloor.
Sonar data is displayed in real time, while giving you the ability to save seafloor profiles for future reference and to overlay these profiles on WASSP’s own Navigator plotter using Navionics charts, or on other existing plotting programs. Display options include real-time 3D view, 2D view, normal Echosounder, Sonar, and Side-Scan Sonar views. Each of these views can be presented in full screen or in split screen to enable you to quickly and easily understand the detailed information generated.
Because WASSP is so easy to operate and delivers a turn-key, Multibeam Sonar solution, the system greatly enhances understanding and knowledge of the marine environment. WASSP enables seabed profiling at up to 100 times the speed of conventional single-beam Echosounders, while offering greatly improved accuracy at a significantly reduced cost. Information is presented in user-friendly displays, and the data is stored on a Windows-based operating system capable of sending the data to software chart plotting packages.
The WASSP transducer can be permanently mounted to the vessel or deployed via a pole or other temporary mount, depending on the vessel and application. This powerful, patented BTxR Transceiver transmits at up to 8 pulses per second. With its 120-degree swath, WASSP offers a 3:1 swath-to-depth scope, which means you’ll cover a lot of ground in rich detail in no time at all!
For optimal performance, roll, heave, pitch, heading and position inputs may be incorporated via external equipment, such as the Furuno SC30 Satellite Compass. The WASSP system also includes a built-in tide correction database for almost anywhere in the world, resulting in more accurate seafloor profiles and fish school location.
For more information on WASSP or Furuno’s full line of award winning marine electronics, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300. Online boaters can also check out Furuno U.S.A.’s web site www.FurunoUSA.com
By Professional Mariner Staff