Wartsila to launch Sea-Master digital monitoring system at SMM

(HELSINKI) — The new Wartsila Sea-Master system will be launched at SMM 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology in Hamburg, on Sept. 6-9. The Wartsila Sea-Master system uses digital technology to monitor shaft bearings and seals to help customers maximize uptime and lower life-cycle costs of vessel shaft lines.

The new Wartsila Sea-Master system collects real-time data from the tail shaft of the vessel, providing valuable information about the operational health of the tail shaft equipment.

“The Wartsila Sea-Master system is an exciting example of how digitalization can advance the maintenance of propulsion technology. The system provides extensive real-time technical information and applies data analytics to deliver careful expert analysis and performance-enhancing recommendations,” said Matthew Bignell, sales development manager, Wartsila Seals & Bearings. “With the Wartsila Sea-Master, our customers will have a window into the operational health of the vessel’s shaft line and gain knowledge about, for instance, the wear rates of the equipment. This allows for more accurate maintenance planning and reduces vessel downtime. The Wartsila Sea-Master also allows customers to take a long-term view on their shaft line systems and to ensure regulatory compliance. Moreover, the Wartsila Sea-Master can enable a controlled extension of tail shaft maintenance withdrawal intervals for water lubricated systems.”  

The Wartsila Sea-Master system is available for all vessel segments and ship types as well as for newbuild and retrofit applications. To learn more, visit www.wartsila.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff