US Oil Major Chooses OceanSaver Ballast Water Treatment Systems

“Competitive pricing, low operating costs, and a compatible technical system were key contract parameters; total cost of ownership (TCO) savings were a decisive factor in winning the contract,” said Tor Atle Eiken, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, OceanSaver.

“TCO was center stage. OceanSaver’s BWT system is a comprehensive cost model for the industry and when completing hundreds of lightering operations each year, TCO is a significant factor. We believe that OceanSaver balances purchase price and long term costs in a very efficient manner,” Eiken said.

The BWT system choice is an effective, fully compliant solution for global lightering operations in various water quality and salinity conditions. OceanSaver’s Mark II system disinfects filtered ballast water using the onboard generation of oxidants delivered to the ballast flow via side stream injection from OceanSaver’s C2E sea water activation module. This unique technology provides a mixture of oxidants with very effective action and a very rapid half-life. When injected into the ballast water, they are able to eliminate the unwanted organisms. The process only requires a very small dosage of oxidants compared to conventional electrolysis or oxidising disinfectants. The amount of residual oxidant (TRO) is also greatly reduced within a few hours and neutralisation during de-ballasting is rarely required.

“The BWT system offers high quality manufacturing, and materials that meet the heavy-duty operational demands of lightering operations. Due to these operations the system will get extensive use. A BWT system in shuttle or lightering tanker can be operated more in two years than a VLCC BWT system would be over the life of the vessel. Highly efficient water transfer during operationally critical ballast applications cannot be compromised,” Eiken said.

Leveraging its BWT technology and its collective experience with delivering BWT solutions to a variety of ship owners, OceanSaver has worked extensively to lower the initial purchase costs.

“During the past 18 months we have successfully managed to lower per unit costs by 30-40%. Our BWT systems are more streamlined than ever, offering ship operators uninterrupted flow, continuous operation, high filtration efficiency, robust quality and long life at a very competitive price,” said Houtan Houshangi, CEO, OceanSaver.

OceanSaver currently has 52 BWT systems on order and seven systems in operation worldwide. Since OceanSaver systems are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each individual vessel, the company works in partnership with ship owners and yards from the initial testing and engineering phases, through to installation, commissioning, and service.

OceanSaver’s Mark II system is DNV type approved and has further undergone DNV’s approval program for installation and safety standards.

By Professional Mariner Staff