U.S. salvage group expands its horizons

Asa Logo

The following is the text of a news release from the American Salvage Association:

(ALEXANDRIA, Va.) — The American Salvage Association has officially unveiled its revised mission statement that increases its area of influence beyond North America, complemented by a new logo that reflects the expanded direction.

The new mission statement reads, “The mission of the ASA is to be a unifying association of the commercial marine salvage industry, serving as the definitive spokesman for this industry in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere in North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean Sea.” The updated logo keeps the same ocean blue and white color scheme of the previous one, while adding outlines of South and Central America to North America.

The changes will allow the ASA to increase its membership ranks and expand its horizons beyond the continental United States, to include North, South and Central America.

ASA President Paul Hankins states, “Unveiling the new American Salvage Association logo is long overdue. For some time, the incorporation of the interests and concerns of salvors throughout the Americas has been high on the ASA agenda. The logo is merely representative of this change — from a U.S.-centric organization to one in which the interests and capabilities of salvors throughout this hemisphere are considered. The very nature of salvage, and the regional assets required to perform our jobs, require the ASA to be inclusive of our fellow salvors throughout the Americas. We look forward to a growing dialogue throughout the region.”

The changes were unanimously approved by the ASA general members via an e-mail vote after being unanimously approved by the ASA leadership team and ASA Executive Committee.

By Professional Mariner Staff