Transas CEO plans 'ecosystem of harmonized integrated solutions'


(LONDON) — The new chief executive officer of Transas, Frank Coles, has vocalized his vision for the future of global maritime technology for the first time since his appointment in late 2015.

The Transas CEO has his sights set on the company delivering the technology and solutions needed for the integrated maritime industry infrastructure of the future.

Revealing Transas’ new vision statement in an interview with Ship Efficiency Review, Coles said that Transas will be “stepping up to shake up the market” in order to lead the industry. Coles said, “It’s not enough just to talk about it, we’ve now got to walk-the-walk in the industry.”

The vision statement reads, "Transas will lead the way in creating an ecosystem of harmonized integrated solutions in safety, navigation and ship operations. In creating these solutions, Transas will unite the global maritime stakeholders in the future of e-navigation and operations."

For Transas, a harmonized ecosystem represents the different products created separately for bridge, safety, navigation and operations operating as one united, complete, integrated solution.  

Coles intends to actively address challenges to making this a reality, drawing upon Transas’ R&D capability in addition to close collaboration with industry. Part of this close collaboration will manifest in the form of forums that will gather the industry to discuss issues and understand the technology opportunities by experiencing them firsthand.

Coles highlights the importance of education, stating that, in order for more shipowners to invest, technology companies need to “stop trying to hard-sell their software products and instead switch to trying to solve shipowner and operator problems and educating potential customers." This strategy will also form a core part of the Transas approach moving forward.

Through clear vision, education, collaboration and a suite of products, Transas intends to deliver the ecosystem that equips the maritime industry and its crew for the future.

By Professional Mariner Staff