Topaz Energy and Marine installs FuelTrax for fuel data reporting

(DUBAI, United Arab Emirates) — Topaz Energy and Marine, a leading offshore energy logistics company, is partnering with FuelTrax, a market-leading smart, real-time marine fuel management solution, on advanced fuel tracking and reporting.

Topaz has installed FuelTrax EFMS across 21 of its vessels operating between Nigeria and Azerbaijan for data storage and surveillance. FuelTrax delivers an electronic record of activities using automated operational and fuel data collection, coupling it with precise in-transit efficiency recommendations for vessels located anywhere in the world.

“Digitalization offers tremendous opportunities for the maritime industry across all sectors and disciplines, and operators are now increasingly acknowledging its importance," said Chief Operating Officer Martin Helweg of Topaz Energy and Marine. "As our clients’ demands evolve and shift toward a need for a range of services and solutions, the onus of fuel monitoring will eventually fall on the vessel owners. Through the installation of FuelTrax, we, as an early adopter of this solution, are ready to face this challenge, and look forward to using FuelTrax in our attempt to reduce fuel consumption and thereby the environmental footprint of our vessels.”

“The market is recognizing the need for automated digitalization in fuel management, and is accepting electronic fuel monitoring systems as the standard solution," said Chief Executive Officer Anthony George of FuelTrax. "It’s important that we continue to recognize and support our clients who see this standard on the horizon, and who are taking action to stay ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Topaz is a testament to this shift in the industry, and we look forward to supporting them through this advancement.”

In line with its digital transformation, Topaz has also adopted FuelTrax Vision, a new onboard surveillance system which provides a remote view of onboard surveillance footage, stored in a secure database and correlated with onboard fuel activities.

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By Professional Mariner Staff