Tidewater to add up to four new liquid products barges


(VANCOUVER, Wash.) — Tidewater, a leading provider of marine transportation and terminal services on the Columbia-Snake River System, has announced a strategic investment in its fleet to enhance service capabilities and support sustainable energy transport across the Pacific Northwest.

Recognizing the evolving needs of customers across the region, the Tidewater board of directors approved the design and engineering of a new refined liquid products barge. This initiative is part of a strategic plan to replace older, less efficient barges, significantly enhancing the fleet’s safety, efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Poised to begin the construction of up to four of these advanced barges following the initial phase, Tidewater is committed to aligning its resources to meet future demands and seize market opportunities.

The new barges will bolster Tidewater’s ability to serve customers on both sides of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, facilitating the transport of eco-friendly fuels via the safest and most efficient mode of surface transportation. These barges will also support the recent investments Tidewater has made at its terminals in Pasco, Wash., and Umatilla, Ore., to bring renewable, conventional and biofuels to its markets.

“Our investment in these new barges reflects Tidewater’s unwavering dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers while advancing sustainable practices in the transportation sector,” said Todd Busch, president and CEO of Tidewater.

Tidewater’s terminals are strategically located along the vital Columbia-Snake River System, connecting customers to local, regional and global markets. Key terminals include Vancouver, Wash.; Boardman and Umatilla, Ore.; and Pasco, Wash.

– Tidewater

By Professional Mariner Staff