Shipbuilding News March 2013

Guido Perla & Associates Inc. to design PSVs

The Seattle naval architecture and marine engineering firm of Guido Perla & Associates Inc. (GPA) was won a contract to deliver the design, regulatory design and production engineering for two GPA 675J platform supply vessels for Jackson Offshore Operators. The boats will be constructed at BAE Systems in Jacksonville, Fla., under a contract that includes the option for two additional vessels.

Throughout the design and engineering process, GPA worked closely with Jackson Offshore Operators to meet all operational requirements, giving the ships the features and functions that operators and crewmembers appreciate during operation and maintenance. The result is a customized vessel with optimized cargo capacity, improved fuel consumption, ease of maintenance, redundancy, excellent maneuverability, superb sea-keeping and highest safety and comfort standards for the 34 crewmembers the vessel can accommodate.  

For the GPA 675J PSV, GPA is using its new series of hull forms that provide a more efficient hull compared to previous designs. A new bow design has been developed that encompasses GPA’s special shaped bulb and forward sections that allow for better sea keeping on any sea direction. Many new bow designs offered recently are designed to favor head sea operations, but GPA’s design provides a more balanced bow that will enhance operation in head sea, but also on any other sea directions. This gives a more overall performance to the hull by balancing the stern with the bow of the vessel.  

The GPA 675J PSV also incorporates notable features that GPA has utilized throughout the years on numerous offshore vessels, such as the location of the engine room on the main deck. The layout increases cargo capacity below deck and entails remarkable crew comfort improvements, achieved by adding an extra deck of attenuation between the accommodations and the bow thrusters and cargo machinery, two of the prime contributors of noise and vibration aboard these types of vessels.

The main equipment on the 252-foot GPA 675J PSV includes an integrated Rolls-Royce ship systems package and a complete propulsion package with Azipull propulsion thrusters.

The vessels are expected to enter into service in 2014.

Southwest Alaska Pilots order pilot boat from Kvichak

In February, Kvichak Marine Industries, of Seattle, was awarded a contract to build a 50-foot pilot vessel for the Southwest Alaska Pilots Association (SWAPA). SWAPA provides pilotage service in the coastal areas of South Central Alaska.

Designed by Kvichak Marine, the all-aluminum vessel will be powered by twin Cat C18 Acert Tier II engines rated for 715 bhp coupled to Twin Disc MGX-5135SC marine gears. Hamilton 364 waterjets were chosen for propulsion. This combination allows for excellent maneuverability and a top speed of about 32 knots. The vessel will have a Wing Hybrid fendering system and is scheduled for delivery in June 2013.

Kvichak to build 64-foot all-aluminum boat for the Savannah Pilots
Kvichak Marine Industries, of Seattle, was recently awarded a contract to build a 64-foot all-aluminum pilot boat for the Savannah Pilots Association of Savannah, Ga.

For over 140 years, the Savannah Pilots Association has safely guided vessels on the 25.5-mile journey from the sea to the port of Savannah.  They require vessels with excellent sea-keeping ability and maneuverability even in the worst of sea conditions.

Designed by the British firm Camarc Design, the 64-by-19-foot vessel is powered by twin MTU 12V2000 engines rated for 1,450 bhp each with Hamilton 521 waterjets and ZF 3050 marine gears. This combination will allow excellent maneuverability and a top speed of about 33 knots.

Delivery is scheduled for September.

Bollinger VP named Signal Safety Professional of the Year

Bollinger Shipyards Inc., of Lockport, La., presented its 2011-2012 Signal Safety Professional of the Year Award to Bollinger Vice President-Health, Safety & Environmental Services Jodi Satches. The award was presented to Satches at the Signal Mutual board of directors meeting in Orlando, Fla., in January.

The Safety Professional of the Year Award is presented to the industry representative who has promoted employee safety and health throughout his or her organization, setting high safety standards based on personal values and commitment to the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. Satches was chosen for the award based upon her dedication and commitment to the ongoing development and support of Bollinger’s health, safety and environmental programs and promotion of safety for employees and their families at home and in the community.

Satches has consistently shown her professional leadership from the development of an in-depth safety management system to the safety presentations given to associations and sharing of safety information with other companies.

Larry Toepper, Signal Administration vice president of safety, said, “It is through the dedication to safety by professionals like yourself that employees are kept safe while at work and return home to their families each day. Your commitment to safety is one of the reasons Signal Mutual has been successful for over 26 years.”

Bollinger’s CEO, resident and chairman, Donald “Boysie” Bollinger said, “Our company is very proud of Jodi for winning this award. She continues to be an outstanding leader in our drive to continue to remain the safest shipyard in America. The recognition of her efforts is greatly appreciated and well deserved.”

General Dynamics Nassco christens USNS Montford Point

USNS Montford Point (MLP 1) was christened at General Dynamics Nassco in San Diego, Calif. on March 2.

Named in honor of the Montford Point Marines who trained at the camp during the 1940s, USNS Montford Point is the first ship in a class of mobile landing platform (MLP) vessels.

The MLP will provide capability for large-scale movement of vehicles and equipment from sea to shore. It will significantly reduce dependence on foreign ports and provide support in the absence of any port, making it especially useful during disaster response and for supporting Marines once they are ashore. The MLP is equipped with a port ramp, large mooring fenders and up to three lanes for landing craft air cushioned vessels.

By Professional Mariner Staff