Severn Trent De Nora Introduces Revolutionary Solids Handling System for OMNIPURE£ Marine Sanitation Systems

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. —  Severn Trent De Nora has introduced the use of a vertical self-discharging (VSD) centrifuge technology into its OMNIPURE£ Series 55 marine sanitation system’s solids handling equipment package. The new CentraSep®VSD centrifuge technology, provided by Advanced Separation Technologies (AST), sets an industry benchmark for a “hands off” solids waste handling approach for the offshore marine environment; providing a sanitary solids handling system with minimal operator attendance requirements.
The OMNIPURE technology utilizes a unique electrolytic treatment technology combined with electrocoagulation in a proprietary and certified treatment process to effectively treat wastewater and provide sanitary solids for handling. “During our full scale testing, the AST VSD centrifuge technology consistently demonstrated a •hands-off’, trouble-free operation,” said Dana Casbeer, offshore & marine product line manager for Severn Trent De Nora. “The system’s performance is a testament to the overall design and quality of the equipment.”
Effective solids management is imperative to marine sanitation treatment systems since it directly affects operator exposure to biological hazards. The operational benefit of incorporating the centrifuge technology into the OMNIPURE unit is effective processing of solids that are removed by the system with minimal operator exposure and intervention. The solids are handled automatically, minimizing the arduous maintenance duties required with other methods of solids handling. The system is also corrosion resistant.
The OMNIPURE process does not require handling of waste solids from raw, untreated influent. Instead, concentrated solids are automatically removed in situ to the treatment process, producing dry, dewatered solids that can be easily handled and disposed of. Casbeer noted, “With the AST technology, our system can now successfully extract both large and sub-micron particulate fines from the solids stream and in the process, produce a consistently dry discharge cake with no visible liquid present.”In fact, solids are characterized as a •Class B’ sludge, so the dewatered solids can be land-filled or disposed of by traditional waste management methods without fear of environmental impact, penalties or a risk to life and health.
The OMNIPURE Series 55 systems can accommodate treatment capacities up to 598 persons for black water and up to 197 persons for black and gray water. The systems range in capacity up to 65 m3/day (17,000 gal/day) as individual units that can also be combined for increased capacity.
About Severn Trent De Nora, LLC
Severn Trent De Nora, LLC ( is a joint venture offering a solid foundation to support marine and offshore industrial water disinfection needs by drawing upon the strength and global resources of Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, Pa. ( ) and Gruppo De Nora, Milan, Italy ( ). Severn Trent De Nora offers the benefits of enhanced technical solutions and a greater range of services by combining the seawater disinfection capabilities of both companies. Severn Trent De Nora offers products to serve marine wastewater treatment applications and the seawater disinfection needs for the following applications: power generation, desalination facilities, coastal industry, offshore oil and gas facilities, general marine, cruise vessel industry and navies worldwide.
About Advanced Separation Technologies, LLC
Advanced Separation Technologies, LLC ( based in Indianapolis Ind., designs and manufactures the CentraSep®vertical self-discharging centrifuge system. CentraSep provides solids removal and clarification solutions across a wide range of industrial applications, including difficult abrasive environments. With a global installation base across more than 20 countries, the CentraSep system has a proven track record of performance and reliability. The unique yet simple proprietary single-motor design of the CentraSep system provides 24/7 continuous solids removal.
By Professional Mariner Staff