SeaKits Inc. changes name to WheelHouse Technologies, Inc.

SeaKits, Inc. has officially changed its name to WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. We have launched a new website at with fresh descriptions of solutions and services for commercial fleet operators and yacht owners and captains. Our new web store can be linked from the website or accessed directly at The store offers several innovative products important to the safety and reliability of yachts and workboat fleets and will be expanded with more kitted products and other items in the near future.
Our award-winning computerized maintenance management system is now referred to simply as “WheelHouse”. If you are new to WheelHouse I encourage you to visit the Solutions page on the website where you will find a description or WheelHouse Yacht Solutions and WheelHouse Fleet Solutions. If you are a yacht or commercial vessel builder and not a current partner (Visit the Partners Sections) we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how WheelHouse can be integrated into your value proposition.
The SeaKits name has come to mean innovative solutions and quality service and will be retained as a brand. Our line of custom kits for spare parts, oil and coolant analysis, and damage control/emergency repair will continue to be available under the SeaKits Brand at the WheelHouse store.
I hope you will take a moment to visit the new WheelHouse site and store and check out the new content. We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact me directly at, or call 978-562-5211.
About WheelHouse Technologies
WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a submarine service veteran and USCG Licensed Master with a vision to improve the availability and reliability of yachts and workboats through sound maintenance practices. The company provides WheelHouse Yacht Solutions and WheelHouse Fleet Solutions, a computerized maintenance management system operating in the cloud for single vessels and fleets. In addition, the company provides related products and services including SeaKits Brand Parts Kits, Global Parts Logistics, Owners/Systems Manuals, and training. WheelHouse Technologies products and services are available through leading boat builders and company direct. 
By Professional Mariner Staff