Scienco/FAST and the "green" towboat Donna Rushing


AEP River Operations put the propulsion system at the heart of its overhaul of the 39-year-old towboat Donna Rushing.

Congrats to AEP River Operations for their successful upgrade of the M/V Donna Rushing.  Through the successive ownership changes, the sewage treatment unit, the MarineFAST® Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) made by Scienco/FAST, on this towboat has consistently been a part of the history and water treatment on board the M/V Rushing.  Due to the Clean Water Act of 1972 and Coast Guard regulations, the MarineFAST® system was first installed in 1979 when it was known at the time as the M/V Delta Miss by its second owner. 

The full history of the M/V Donna Rushing (original name M/V F. P. Thomas) vessel is as follows:
Christened M/V F. P. Thomas, this towboat originally built in 1973 by Dravo Corp and operated by Thomas Marine Company of Butler, PA.


In 1975 renamed M/V Delta Miss by Valley Towing Service of Memphis, TN, the MarineFAST® was installed to comply with the 33CFR159 standards – which are still enforced to this day.


  In 1985, the towboat was then renamed the M/V Jos. Chotin by ChoMe Towing of St. Louis, MO.


From 1992 to today with its new owners, AEP River Operations, new home, new name, and new MarineFAST® upgraded in 2011, the M/V Donna Rushing is considered one of the ‘greenest’ boats on the waterways!
While most of the upgrades centered on the ship’s engine room components, there has always been MarineFAST® quietly operating below deck to treat the wastewater from the head to the galley and all the greywater discharges from the sinks and washing areas.  MarineFAST® is an aerobic, wastewater treatment system that utilizes a completely submerged fixed film process along with a passive recycle system that has the advantages of a fixed film system without pumped recirculation or the drying of the bacterial growth on the media. 


As an effective marine sanitation device to help lessen the environmental impact of contaminants, the MarineFAST® is versatile to fit in any configuration and size of vessel or offshore platform.  These Type II marine sewage devices are powerful, flow-through discharge devices tested in conditions described in 33 CFR 159.121 (and meets MARPOL 2010, as well as most other International Certifications); and built to handle extreme environments. 


As an ideal pretreatment process for water treatment, these devices do a better job of treating the blackwater and greywater on board to produce effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria count no greater than 200/100 milliliters and suspended solids no greater than 150 milligrams/liter for workboats, leisure crafts, and/or commercial vessels. 

Our fixed integrated treatment technologies, such as our MarineFAST®, are the result of decades of experience, research/development, and real world operating history – as in the case with the M/V Donna Rushing. Congratulations AEP River Operations, again!

About Scienco/FAST:  With over 65 years of history unlike any other, Scienco/FAST origins can be traced back to the 1940’s.  Since the first system of FAST® (installed in 1969), innovation has always been at the core of Scienco/FAST.  Located near St. Louis, MO and internationally recognized for its top-notch field services, affordable, adaptable FAST® Marine Sewage Treatment systems, Scienco® Water Treatment Systems, and Mighty Mike® Environmentally-friendly Cleaners and Tablets for many applications, including grease (FOGHog®), bacterial (U&F-BOOST!™), and decalcification (CPT). 
With over 42,000 FAST® residential, commercial, municipal, and marine installations in more than 60 countries, these systems are operating right now.  Unnoticed.  And, that’s just the way we like it.  "Let us help bring your system into compliance and keep it there at the lowest total cost for treatment."  Learn more at!


By Professional Mariner Staff