Samson Brings ML-12 Stringing Line to Utility Rope Market

Ferndale, WA — April 19, 2010 — Samson, the worldwide leader in performance cordage, is launching Samson’s newest 12-strand stringing line, incorporating Innegraâ„¢-S fiber. ML-12 is Samson’s newest 12-strand stringing line, blending Innegraâ„¢-S, a high modulus polypropylene (HMPP), and Dyneema®, a high modulus polyethylene (HMPE). This blend of fibers gives ML-12 performance characteristics between traditional polyesters and high-performance 100% Dyneema® stringing lines.

Continuum of Innovation
Known for leading the industry in research and development for more than 130 years, Samson continues to bring new rope technologies into the marketplace. Recognizing a void in the product line was the impetus for the research leading to Innegraâ„¢-S. “We knew we had to consider fibers that were unfamiliar to the rope industry in order to achieve our goals,” says vice president of research and development, Dr. Rafael Chou. “Historically, if you wanted a fiber that would out perform traditional nylon and polyester, you had to leap into high-performance fibers like HMPE, LCP, and aramids. Oftentimes this was not the best solution because the degree of performance improvement might be overkill for the application, making it too expensive. We set out to find the “missing link” in synthetic fibers for rope making. That’s when we found InnegraTM-S.” A high modulus polypropylene (HMPP), InnegraTM-S, when blended with HMPE, creates a line that is lighter and stronger than nylon and polyester, and comfortably fits the mid-point in performance and price.

A Versatile Stringing and Pulling Line
Because ML-12 offers lighter weight and higher strength at the same diameter as traditional polyester lines, it can be used on existing equipment for heavier pulls, or it is possible to downsize the line on equipment to pull the same load and store longer lengths on the reel. Furthermore, ML-12 also offers improved elongation over traditional polyester lines.

“This product will allow users to get more out of their existing equipment. In applications where the operator needs more versatility, ML-12 provides a new upgrade option,” says Michael Quinn, sales director of Samson’s industrial division. “We believe ML-12 fills the performance gap between the traditional polyester lines and full HMPE products. Operators who need more than polyester can provide, can now turn to ML-12.”

About Samson:
For well over 100 years, Samson has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes. Among its many innovations, Samson invented the double braid and pioneered the first high modulus polyethylene fiber ropes. Today, Samson engineers continue to pioneer the use of new fiber technology and the development of innovative coatings and constructions to produce ropes with unprecedented performance characteristics. Samson’s research and development team is meeting an ever expanding market need for products with exceptional performance in critical applications. Samson is part of Wind River Holdingsâ„¢ portfolio of operating companies. For more information about Wind River Holdingsâ„¢ visit

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By Professional Mariner Staff