RH Marine systems guide first Dutch LNG dredger

(ROTTERDAM, Netherlands) — By supplying its Rhodium alarm monitoring system (AMS) and dynamic positioning and tracking control system (DPT), RH Marine ensures that Ecodelta, the first Dutch dredger on liquefied natural gas (LNG), can do its work securely and is dredging at the right speed in the right position.

The trailing suction hopper of dredging and contractor company Van der Kamp will keep the ports of Rotterdam and Eemshaven at the right depth. The ship is 134 meters long, 21 meters wide and can dredge up to 37 meters deep. It has a capacity of 5,500 cubic meters. Ecodelta has five LNG engines and four electric motors.
For its classification,Ecodelta needs an alarm and monitoring system. Van der Kamp chose maritime system integrator RH Marine and had the ship equipped with its AMS. This system monitors all operating systems on board via sensors, from propulsion to dredging. It can be monitored and read out on screens from RH Marine in the desk on the bridge, but also in the engine control room of the engine room and on other workstations.

Van der Kamp also opted for RH Marine’s DPT system, which was initially developed for the dredging sector. This system can keep the dredger in position, but Ecodelta can also sail at slow speed a pre-set heading during the dredging.

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By Professional Mariner Staff