Plug and Play Marine Electronics Network to go Live at METS

SEVERNA PARK, MD- Visitors to the METS trade fair in Amsterdam in mid-November are invited to ConnectFest, a day-long live demonstration of NMEA 2000®, the international networking Standard that allows marine electronic devices to “talk” to each other.

Also offered at the annual exposition will be an educational seminar on NMEA 2000®, plus seminars and panel discussions on marine AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) and Satellite Communications. Both events are organized by the U.S.-based National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and are free to trade personnel.

NMEA 2000®
The NMEA 2000® network is a plug and play system, which allows electronic devices to be added or removed from a “backbone” cable without affecting the operation of other equipment. NMEA 2000® is an International industry “open” Standard, which means it is non-proprietary. Electronics, electronic engine controls and power distribution produced by different manufacturers interoperate seamlessly on the NMEA 2000® network, as long as they have been certified to the NMEA 2000® Standard.
More than 40 organizations, both inside and outside the marine industry, worked closely together under the guidance of NMEA to develop the Standard. Among those participating were: Sun Microsystems, Kvaser AB, Oklahoma State University and the United States Coast Guard Research and Development Center. Today, NMEA 2000® is maintained by the industry’s global NMEA 2000® Technical Standards Committee, with representation from more than 100 companies.
NMEA Technical Director, Steve Spitzer, will conduct three ConnectFest presentations on Wednesday to accommodate visitors’ varying schedules. The live demonstration of products on the network will continue all day, giving people the chance to attend anytime. Spitzer, along with various manufacturers, will answer questions from attendees.
“This is the first time that we’re going live all day with the demonstration,” said Spitzer. “It’s a fabulous opportunity for people to see how a working NMEA 2000® network operates – the ease and simplicity of installing, configuring and scaling it for various applications and vessel size. We’re grateful to METS for allowing us to take this important demonstration to the next level.”
AIS and Satellite Communications Panels of experts will discuss advancements and international collaboration involving AIS technology as well as the current state of the art and potential developments in the world of Satellite Communications.
Schedule of Events
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
NMEA 2000® Educational Seminar 08:00-09:00
NMEA 2000® Live Demonstration 09:00-17:00 (all day)
NMEA 2000® ConnectFest Presentations 10:00-10:30, 13:00-13:30 and 15:00-15:30
Thursday, November 18, 2010
AIS Seminar and Panel Discussion 09:00-10:00
Satellite Communications and Panel Discussion 10:30-11:30
For further information, contact Steve Spitzer, NMEA Technical Director, Tel: 425-417-8042; email:
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By Professional Mariner Staff