Oil Rigs Delivered in Record Time

Only 13 months after initiating training for new 3D CAD/CAM software, Lamprell Energy launched the LT-116E Jackup Rig. The entire project was completed in only 18 months.

Other shipyards have achieved large gains in productivity as well. This is noteworthy in the current economic climate with the constant pressure to reduce costs.

In a paper delivered at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) held in Shanghai, Dr. Oskar Lee explains how these shipyards have managed to achieve such impressive results.

According his analysis, the most successful shipyards link the geometry and associated material data from 3D models to databases such as ERP systems so that information can accurately be shared and utilized by various departments to plan efficient production. In this manner, critical path issues are identified and resources effectively deployed.

His research also indicates that effective change management is important due to frequent modifications requested by owners and classification societies. To accommodate these changes, Dr. Lee observed that the most successful yards in his study utilize complete models consisting of geometric and attribute information. Each model was not merely a drawing or a series of drawings. Rather, the model was contained within a database from which drawings, machine cutting code and other information could automatically be derived and shared amongst various departments. This dramatically simplified the ability to accurately make changes, thus increasing productivity.

All of the shipyards in Dr. Lee’s study used ShipConstructor software during the detail design process. Because ShipConstructor uses a data-rich 3D model capable of linking to other databases, the use of ShipConstructor was a key reason for the shipyards’ productivity in oil rig fabrication.
More detail can be found in the white paper, Automation of Oil Rig Fabrication More Info Here.
By Professional Mariner Staff