NanoRustX introduces NanoPrime nontoxic rust converter

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(BELLEVILLE, N.J.) — NanoPrime, a rust-killing base primer that has been field tested over the past three years in the world’s most extreme conditions and climates, is now available for usage by companies in the offshore, maritime, infrastructure, shipping, and mining industries.  

“NanoPrime has proved to be a safe, clean, and long-lasting solution that converts iron oxide into iron phosphate,” said Martin Lawrence, president of NanoRustX, the manufacturer of NanoPrime. “It’s a single component product that not only creates high strength adhesion to rusty, clean, painted, or galvanized steel, it also delivers excellent single coat adhesion and corrosion protection when used on aluminum and can be both a primer and sealer on concrete.”

Comprised of nano polymers that create a strong and durable chemically bonded layer, NanoPrime prevents under film corrosion when used with low VOC topcoats from such leading brands as Jotun, Carboline, International, PPG, and Sherwin Williams. NanoPrime can be applied to damp surfaces, requires no sand blasting, prevents surface cracking, requires minimal protective equipment when applying, and isn’t sensitive to chlorides.

Other benefits that NanoPrime offers to users in industry and factory environments include:

• Fast touch-ups

• Easy storage

• Effectiveness in as little as two coats

• Non-flammability

• Two-year shelf life and unlimited pot life

• Two-hour dry time

• Seven-day cure time

“When used and applied according to specifications, NanoPrime consistently saves time, money, and effort in the surface preparation for any rust-killing project,” said Lawrence.

NanoPrime is the world’s first and only multi-purpose, water-based, zero VOC, and 100 percenbt nontoxic rust converter. It’s available from distributors around the world or directly from NanoRustX.

By Professional Mariner Staff