Nano‐Clear industrial coating wins NACE innovation award

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Nano-Clear industrial coating has been selected as the winner of the NACE MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award (Coatings & Linings category). The award was announced and presented to Thomas Choate, CEO of Nanovere Technologies, during the NACE 2019 Corrosion Conference & Expo. This award is presented only once every two years at the world's largest event for the prevention and mitigation of corrosion.

Global nominations were rated by a panel of leading corrosion experts spanning multiple niches across the industry. Each winning innovation had to demonstrate the potential for a significantly positive impact on corrosion control, prevention and mitigation by improving an existing corrosion-control solution, or by providing a new solution where none previously existed. It was also necessary to demonstrate that the innovation performs as described with supporting documentation from laboratory or field test results.

Nanovere Technologies is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial nano-structured coatings with multi-functional surface properties. Nano-Clear industrial coatings are engineered to enhance and extend the surface life of painted industrial assets by 10-plus years. Nano-Clear coatings improve corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, gloss levels, chemical and long-term UV resistance of painted assets.

Nano-Clear benefits:

• Reduce costly repaint cycles by two to three times
• Highly corrosion resistant: >5,000 hours salt spray
• UV resistance: 99 percent gloss after 4,000 hours Xenon
• 10-year performance warranty

Nano-Cleari industrial coatings are manufactured using proprietary 3D nano-structured polymers, which produce extreme "crosslink density." With extreme crosslink density, Nano-Clear coatings significantly improve the overall physical properties and longevity of painted assets. Nano-Clear is a one-component, humidity cured, polyurethane/polyurea/nano-structured coating.

Nano-Clear coatings were engineered to far exceed technical specifications required by industrial, marine, fleet and oil/gas markets. Nano-Clear coatings are validated and in use by leading global corporations including:Chevron, Pemex, Praxair, Sterling Crane, Altec Industries, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, OSG America, and the U.S. Navy.

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International is a standards developer that is globally recognized as the leading authority for corrosion control solutions. NACE International was formed in 1943 and serves nearly 36,000 members from 130 countries.

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By Professional Mariner Staff