Largest high-speed ferry In U.S. features Furuno electronics

(CAMAS, Wash.) — Delivered in December, Seastreak Courageous, the largest capacity high-speed ferry in the United States, is guided by Furuno marine electronics.

Built by Midship Marine in Harvey, La., the 720-passenger vessel was delivered to its home terminal in New Jersey. Courageous boasts many upgrades from earlier designs in the Seastreak fleet, including a comprehensive suite of Furuno electronics installed by Michael Matta and his team at GMT/Mackay, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations safely.

Furuno photo

Twin FAR2228 radars spin atop the 141-foot vessel, connected to dual 27-inch MU270W monitors at the helm. Features such as ACE (automatic clutter elimination) and FTT (fast target tracking) provide the ultimate in situational awareness for the crew. The aerodynamic design of the radar’s gearbox and antenna reduces drag, increasing reliability, and Furuno’s new transmitter design makes servicing the radar easier than ever.

Three 19-inch Furuno MU190 monitors display a variety of other navigation data. GPS position is supplied by the Furuno GP170 GPS navigator, and the high-accuracy SC70 satellite compass provides backup position and heading.

The Furuno FA170 Class “A” AIS transponder reveals other AIS-equipped vessels, AIS-SARTs (search and rescue transponders), coastal stations, and other aids to navigation, enhancing the collision avoidance capabilities of Courageous. The FE800 navigation echo sounder ensures the crew is always aware of the depth, helping to optimize the safety of passengers and crew.

Also installed are multiple 8.4-inch RD50 remote displays, four on the bridge and two in the wings, showing three-axis speed, heading, and depth. Multiple FM4800 VHF radiotelephones also adorn the bridge and both wings.

“It is a showcase vessel if there ever was one,” said Bill Haynes, deep sea product manager for Furuno USA. “GMT/Mackay and Midship Marine really knocked this one out of the park for Seastreak. We could not be happier to be the electronics provider for Courageous. Everything about her is immaculate in every sense of the word. Seastreak has raised the bar for passenger vessels around the country.”

Courageous has begun service out of the Seastreak terminal at Highlands, N.J.

– Furuno

By Rich Miller