Guido Perla & Associates, Inc. Enters Petrobras Tender

Seattle, WA – Guido Perla & Associates, Inc. (GPA), a leading US Naval Architecture and Marine, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, with more than 30 years of experience, is currently participating in the ongoing Petrobras tender.  GPA entered the tender with three designs based on constructability to facilitate the rapid building of large numbers of vessels at comparably low capital costs and meeting all of Petrobras’ requirements. 

Simplified construction methods, such as single-curvature hulls, flanged plate construction and transverse framing, a combination that is the standard for GPA offshore designs, contribute to decreased construction time and cost.   The frequent deliveries and large numbers of GPA-designed offshore vessels, currently totaling 136 in operation and under construction since the introduction of the first GPA 600 diesel-electric offshore vessel series about six years ago, demonstrate the advantages of designs based on ease of construction and reduced cost. “We expect to achieve these same results GPA’s designs have obtained worldwide and are sure that we can reach the same performance and efficiency levels in Brazil,†says Guido Perla, Chairman of GPA.

GPA entered the first tender with and received approval by Petrobras for the DP-2 classified 72-meter GPA 670D PSV (Petrobras PSV 3000), the DP-2 classified 87-meter GPA 685 PSV (Petrobras PSV 4500) and the DP-1 classified 64-meter GPA 482-10 OSRV (Petrobras OSRV 750-10).  All three designs, tailored specifically to Petrobras’ requirements, benefit from the location of the engine room above main deck, a concept pioneered by GPA several years ago with the introduction of the GPA 654 PSV and since then implemented in 86 of the 136 GPA-designed offshore vessels.  This concept contributes to maximized cargo capacities below deck, simplified construction, safer and more convenient engine maintenance, as well as crew comfort due to the additional deck between the bow thrusters, a notorious contributor of noise, and the crew accommodation level.

In order to provide a complete and competitive package to operators, GPA has united with some of the most recognized vendors to develop the GECS package for these designs.  This complete solution, consisting of the GPA vessel design, an integrated engine control room by Electronic Power Design, Inc. (EPD), engines by Cummins and the propulsion system by Schottel, offers a complete solution complying with all technical requirements at relatively low cost.

“Currently, a GPA vessel is delivered about every 11 days.  Very early on, we have recognized the need for simplified and efficient designs to facilitate these increasing construction volumes, as well as the need to take environmental concerns into consideration, like we have for the Petrobras tender,†adds Guido Perla, “and I believe the sheer number of GPA vessels serving the offshore market is proof of what our designs are capable of during construction and in service.â€

By Professional Mariner Staff