FURUNO type specific ECDIS training is readily available in China

FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. starts providing FURUNO type specific ECDIS training from mid July 2012 for the very important Chinese market.

FURUNO Shanghai is the sixth training facility to join the FURUNO NavSkills training network and with its strategic location, it is strengthening FURUNO’s provision of type specific ECDIS training to the many end users around the world.

The type specific ECDIS training provided by FURUNO Shanghai is in full compliance with FURUNO’s training standards and the instructors have been trained in FURUNO’s INS Training Centre Denmark to ensure that their skills and competences match the requirements for training under FURUNO’s NavSkills framework.

With the increasing focus on crew competences, FURUNO has clarified its stance on crew training and viable training solution that put the quality in teaching and the resulting level of competences achieved by the navigators at the highest priority. It is important to ensure that the navigators can safely and efficiently operate FURUNO’s ECDIS onboard the vessels they are assigned.

By increasing the crew competences, many ship operators will experience the better efficiency in operation of the vessels, and the crew will experience the better job satisfaction, because they feel comfortable in operating the ECDIS, which can be a complicated piece of equipment but a very important tool in their daily work.

“Training and crew competences are important to us”, says Rick Chen, Vice General Manager of FURUNO Shanghai. “China is one of the very important ship building nations, and as such we believe that it is important to be able to provide our high quality training to the Chinese crews. At the same time we can offer overseas ship owners building vessels in China to have the crew trained inside China on their way to go onboard the new buildings.”

FURUNO Shanghai has provided engineering services and education services to the Chinese market for many years and during this period they have also established good knowledge and know-how for onboard familiarisation training, which is not equivalent to the type specific ECDIS training, but instead an much-appreciated introduction of the crew to the specific installation onboard the vessel.

By Professional Mariner Staff