Foss Maritime to pay for TWIC cards

(SEATTLE) Foss Maritime has agreed to reimburse employees for the cost of their first TWIC card.


“Strengthening the security of our national ports is an important priority for our entire country,” said Gary C. Faber, president and COO of Foss Maritime. “We want to make it as easy and painless as possible for our employees to quickly comply with these new regulations to keep U.S. citizens safe.”


The federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun issuing biometric ID cards with a digital photo and fingerprints to mariners, called a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC). The cost of the card will be between $107 and $159; replacing a lost card would be $36. The card is good for five years. The TWIC card is part of the transportation worker ID program set up under the terms of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002. All merchant mariners and shore side personnel who need unescorted access to secure areas of ports, facilities or vessels must have the TWIC card by Sept. 25. 2008.

By Professional Mariner Staff