Eastern Shipbuilding Group launches Bravante IX for Bravante Group

M/V BRAVANTE IX Slides Down the Nelson Street Facility Launch Ways

Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the christening and launching of the M/V BRAVANTE IX for Boldini S.A., BRAVANTE GROUP of Brazil. This is the fifth and final vessel launched in the Bravante Platform Supply Vessel Series. The event was held on August 28, 2014 at Eastern’s Nelson Street Facility with hundreds of Eastern’s Employees and Guests in attendance.

Attending from Bravante Group were Nuno Neves, CEO, and Ricardo Buteri, COO, along with additional members that traveled from Brazil to witness the launch of the fifth Platform Supply Vessels under contract with Eastern. The BRAVANTE V was the first PSV delivered in November of 2013. The BRAVANTE IX is scheduled for delivery in January of 2016. The five vessel contract was accomplished in part, by a $241 million Department of Transportation Title XI loan guarantee from MARAD.

The President of Bravante Group, Nuno Neves, spoke about the journey taken which lead us to another great day; the quality of workmanship, with three vessels already delivered and the fourth, the BRAVANTE VIII, ready for delivery later this month. He spoke of the on-time deliveries, on-budget, the vessel performance and the long term partnership developed over the years between Bravante Group and Eastern Shipbuilding Group.

Roberta Rodrigues, the Bravante Group Legal Manager, had the honor of breaking the bottle and christening the vessel. Eastern’s President Brian D’Isernia said a few words about the continued bright future of shipbuilding here in the United States, how this project added local jobs, the growth of the company and his gratitude to Eastern’s skilled workers prior to the launch.

Father Roy Marien of Saint John’s Catholic Church located in Panama City, Florida, performed the blessing of the vessel.

In special attendance for the BRAVANTE IX launch ceremony was Paul “Chip” Jaenichen, the Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD). He said a few words about the five vessel contract history, the Title XI financing and MARAD’s Small Shipyard Grant program. The following day, on the Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Transportation, he wrote, “Having lived so much of my life at sea, I have a special appreciation for seeing a ship rumble down the boards and splash as it first hits the water, launched very much the same way as it has been done throughout history. (I’ll just need to remember to stand a little further back from the splash next time.) So watching the launch of the Bravante IX, built in a U.S. shipyard, I was especially pleased to know that investments made by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) just three years ago had brought this ship to this moment.”

Also in attendance was David Heller the Director, Office of Shipyards and Marine Engineering, Maritime Administration, David Gilmore the Director of the Title XI Loan Guarantee Program and Kim Strong and Kirsten Allen from MARAD’s Public Affairs Office.

The BRAVANTE IX is the fifth and final vessel in the series and is ABS A-1, SOLAS/IMO, FFV-1, DPS-2, AC Diesel-Electric powered, twin propulsion PSV’s. These high-tech vessels feature four Cummins 16-cylinder turbo-charged IMO Tier II diesel generator engines each rated at 1825 kW at 1,800 rpm. Cummins also furnished the four Marathon Model 744 690VAC main generators. Main propulsion power is provided by two 690VAC electric motors driving two Schottel Combi-Drives Single Fixed Pitch Propellers with Nozzles rated at 2,500 kW at 750 rpm each for a total of 6,700 Hp. Schottel also provides two STT 4 Fixed Pitch Reversing Tunnel Thrusters rated at 1,180 kW at 1,170 rpm, each with direct coupled Hyundai 690VAC electric motors. GE Energy Power Conversion provides the complete system integrated diesel electric package, including the thruster drives, motors, control systems, DP system, switchboards, motor control centers, automation and navigation/ communication electronics. These vessels are capable of a maximum speed of 14 knots with a cruising speed of 12 knots. The fully integrated bridge is arranged for increased visibility and features the latest technology in navigation and communication equipment.

The BRAVANTE IV Platform Supply Vessel features the following:
Vessel Dimensions (feet): 284’x 60’x 24’-6”
Vessel Dimensions (meters): 86.5m x 18.3m x 7.5m
Regulatory: Marshall Islands, ABS A-1, SOLAS/IMO
Power Generation: GE Energy Power Conversion: DE 690VAC
Generators: Cummins QSK60DM IMO II: 4 x 1825kW
Propulsion: Schottel SCD 2020 FP Z-Drives: 2 x 2,500kW
Bow Thrusters: Schottel STT4: 2 x 1,180kW
Sleeping Accommodations: (4) Four Man Staterooms
(5) Two Man Staterooms
(3) One Man Staterooms

The BRAVANTE IV Platform Supply Vessel features the following capacities:
Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT): 4,500 LT
Cargo Fuel Oil Capacity: 442,675 USG (1,600m3)
Fuel Oil Day-tanks 62,608 USG (237m3)
Potable Water Capacity: 26,575 USG (100.6)
Drill Water/Ballast Capacity: 513,550 USG (1,944m3)
Brine/Additional Drill Water Capacity: 5,030 bbls. (800m3)
Liquid Mud/Fuel Oil Capacity: 5,030 bbls. (800m3)
Dry-bulk Mud: 8,631 cuft. (244m3)
Clear Deck Area: 9,365 sqft. (870m2)
Firefighting Vessel: ABSFFV-1, 2×5284 GPM Monitors w/Deluge System

All five vessels under contract are Marshall Islands Flag, IMO/SOLAS, ABS Classed • A1, Offshore Support Vessel Ocean Service, Loadline, •AMS, •ACCU, •Circle E, with additional ABS Class notations UWILD, ENVIRO, •DPS-2 and four have the Class Notation •FFV-1.

With over 50 years of experience, the BRAVANTE Group has achieved leadership in all the sectors in which it operates, and continues to invest in new businesses in the oil and gas industry. It is Brazil’s biggest company in the transportation and supply of bunker fuel, supported by an extensive fleet of specialized ships.

VARD Marine and Eastern Shipbuilding provided the VARD SV290 design for these vessels from the very successful and proven Eastern Shipbuilding “Tiger Shark Class” Series. Sixteen (16) other Offshore Supply Vessels in this series have been delivered to Eastern’s clients and have already proven themselves in worldwide operations.

Eastern Shipbuilding Group is currently under contract constructing a total of ten vessels of similar size and complexity for customers here in the United States and in Brazil. These contracts still maintain Eastern’s reputation as the largest OSV/PSV and MPSV new construction shipyard in North America. “We’ve Got You Covered”

By Professional Mariner Staff